Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Undoing the damage of the previous administration

Desert Dispatch,
Letters to the editor,
April 2, 2009

Undoing the damage of the previous administration

A lot of letters written to the editor from Republicans lately are full of rattlesnake venom and poison. Their letters are directed toward people who rightfully express their opinions on the way our former president plunged our nation into such a big hole. That hole is so deep that it will take us a long and hard time to dig ourselves out.

The Republicans are showing their true colors by acting like a bunch of crybabies (boo-hoo) because they lost a lot of congressional seats and the presidency as well. They are calling people, such as Carol Jensen, fascists, Nazis, communists, and other vile names.

Thank God the American people sent a very strong message to our country and the Republican party that we are ready to take back our great country. We can once again hold our heads high and let the rest of the world know that America is back. Our new administration is not a bully, like the former “holier than thou” group who occupied the White House, compliments of the Supreme Court.

I feel like a huge burden of the lower wage earners has been lifted since the national election, last November. This president will not use pressure tactics to scare the American people the way Bush did. Ex-President Bush tried to set himself up like a king or dictator.

Whatever he wanted done, his “brown-nosers” took care of it and also, took the blame for all the bad deeds. The Republicans claim to be such great patriotic citizens, but our last president used political influence to keep from serving his military obligation. He used religion to fool a majority of people to believe that he had compassion for them. He sure showed it after Katrina and the stock market crash and unemployment roll.

Just like all the Republican presidents since President Richard (Watergate) Nixon — President Ronald (Iran-Contra, union busting) Reagan ‚ George (Savings and Loan) Bush — and George (Enron, big oil, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bid Laden, WMD’s, torture) Bush Jr. It takes a really compassionate Democrat to straighten out the messes that the Republicans left behind. Look at the biggest mess of all — it took the Bush Administration only eight years to throw out the laws of the land. If a law didn’t fit his agenda, he and his lawyers and cronies change it to fit his position whenever and whatever it happened to be.

Wake up, America, our new President Obama has been in office for only two months. He is working hard to try and dig us out of the monstrous mound of manure that was left behind by President Bush and his party.

I feel so much more optimistic now that the Democrats are in office.

Mary E. Boyce, Barstow