Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Candidates Ballot Statement
Lawrence Douglas Halstead

I'm asking for your vote and
your help to take back our City!

For way too long the City Council has been unresponsive to the needs of the people of Barstow. The challenges we face are difficult and complex. Jobs, city growth, law enforcement, street repair, youth programs, education, crime, drugs, gangs, water quality, are just some of the more notable problems that need strong leadership.

All too often those needs are ignored or mismanaged by our elected leaders. Corruption, conflict of interest and incompetence have become the status quo at City Hall. Currently there is no vision for the future of our City. The downtown district is in desperate need of revitalization as are our neighborhoods. The Outlet mall is suffering from declining business.

With some vision, our Route 66 City could become a tourist destination. Now more than ever we need strong leadership. I received a degree in Political Science from UC Davis in 1976. I have a small business background and have been a life long community activist for the environment, medical freedom, civil rights, and against government corruption.

Barstow is a great City! Together we can make it better!
I want/ need your vote!
Thank you!

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