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PLEASE DO Contact Our Leaders in Sacramento!


Please Do Contact Your State Representatives: Support Ancestral Rights! Do it TODAY!

As part of the BarWest Media Blitzkrieg and All-Out Lobbying Campaign to resurrect the compacts that were long ago pronounced Dead on Arrival, liar-in-chief Tom Shields is asking Barstow residents to contact the legislature. I agree, but for quite the opposite reasons.

The Big Lagoon Tribe has already pulled out of the project in favor of doing a casino project of their own by their reservation in Humboldt. The Governor has already ruled that the Los Coyotes Tribe did not qualify for the project on their own. The City of Barstow’s own lobbyist, Nick Medieros, has blamed the total lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Governor as the principal factor responsible for the failure of the compacts. Even the two authors of the bill have acknowledge that they are dead and that their support was always reluctant and half-hearted.

Of course we know that it was an insider deal that got the Governor stuck with this Reservation Shopping albatross in the first place. We NOW have the benefit of first hand experience about the BarWest style of buying influence. We NOW know about the corrupting nature of the billionaire Detroit developers that make a practice of violating Ancestral Rights while they peddle their Reservation Shopping schemes.

Please DO Contact our leaders in Sacramento!

TELL THEM: That you want them to say no to the Assault on Ancestral Rights.

TELL THEM: That you want to put an end to the climate of corruption that they have created in Barstow.

TELL THEM: That we support Native Americans and their fight for self determination through Indian gaming on their Ancestral Lands

TELL THEM: That they should ignore our sell-out Barstow Council Members who have been bought and paid for by BarWest and are now doing their bidding as paid lobbyist in violation of the Brown Act and in violation of all ethics and laws against conflict of interest.

AND FINALLY: Tell them that BarWest and these corrupt local politicians have stolen our democracy in Barstow and that we desperately need an investigation to restore ethics and the voice of the people in Barstow. Let them know we need their help so that the corrupt corporate influence is stopped now.

We need their help and the future of our city depends on you contacting them to tell them that BarWest does not speak for you and Mayor Dale, and the other two BarWest pawns do not represent your voice or your future.

For your convenience here is the contact information for the Senate President pro Tem Don Perata; Speaker of the Assembly, Fabian Nunez; and the list of members of the Senate and Assembly Government Organizational Committees:

Please DO Contact Our Leaders!
Let them know we need their help now!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger
38TH Governor of CA
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633
Email the Gov:

Cynthia Bryant
Chief Deputy Legislative Secretary
for Governor Schwarzenegger
She is the contact person that Barwest operatives including the Barstow politicians have been meeting with to lobby the Governor. When announcing her appointment, the Gov's 2003 press release described her as follows:

"Bryant has more than twenty years of legislative, political and legal experience. She is currently the director for the Senate Republican Office of Policy where she is the lead policy adviser to the Senate Republican Caucus.
A graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of Law, Bryant served as legal counsel to the Assembly Republican Caucus and as deputy chief administrative officer and legal counsel to the Assembly Rules Committee where she provided written and oral opinions in areas of legislative procedure, public contracts, political reform and civil service to Assembly Members and staff...Bryant’s appointment does not require confirmation. She is a Republican. "

Sabrina Demayo Lockhart,
Spokesperson, Deputy Press Secretary

Senate President pro Tem Don Perata
D-East Bay
Senate District 09
Web site:
State Capitol Room 205
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-4009

Speaker of the Assembly, Fabian Nunez
D-Los Angeles
Assembly District 49
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0046
(916) 319-2046

CA Senate Governmental Organization Committee
[meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9:30 am in Room 31 91.]

Senate GO Committee
1020 N Street
Suite 584
Sacramento, CA 95814

JURISDICTION: Bills relating to state government organization, horseracing public gaming, the National Guard, alcoholic beverages, and management of public safety emergencies and disaster response, and legislation permitting the use of state-controlled lands. Bills that have been considered by other committees having jurisdiction of the appropriate subject, for consideration of any question relating to state government.


Senator Dean Florez
Chair of the Senate Government Organization Committee
Senate District 16th
State Capitol, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-4016

Senator Jim Battin
State Capitol, Room 3060
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4037
Fax: (916) 327-2187

Senator Abel Maldonado
State Capitol, Room
4082 Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-651-4015
Fax: 916-445-8081

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod
State Capitol, Room 2059
Sacramento, CA 95814
San Bernardino Office
357 West Second Street, Suite 1
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Senator Edward Vincent D-SD 25
State Capitol, Room 5052
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:(916) 651-4025
Fax:(916) 445-3712

Senator Pat Wiggins SD-2
D- Santa Rosa
State Capitol, Room 4081
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4002
Fax: (916) 323-6958

Senator Mark Wyland SD-38
N. San Diego Co. & S. Orange Co.
State Capitol #4066
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4038
Fax: (916) 446-7382

Senator Leland Y. Yee, Ph.D. SD-8
D-San Francisco/San Mateo
State Capitol, Room 4048
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4008

Committee phone (916) 319-2531

Alberto Torrico - Chair Dem-20
(916) 319-2020

George A. Plescia - Vice Chair Rep-75
(916) 319-2075

Charles M. Calderon Dem-58
(916) 319-2058

Kevin de Leon Dem-45
(916) 319-2045

Noreen Evans Dem-7
(916) 319-2007

Bonnie Garcia Rep-80
(916) 319-2080

Kevin Jeffries Rep-66
(916) 319-2066

Lloyd E. Levine Dem-40
(916) 319-2040

Tony Mendoza Dem-56
(916) 319-2056

Anthony J. Portantino Dem-44
(916) 319-2044

Curren D. Price Jr. Dem-51
(916) 319-2051

Jim Silva Rep-67
(916) 319-2067

Nell Soto Dem-61
(916) 319-2061

Van Tran Rep-68
(916) 319-2068

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