Friday, August 31, 2007

Index of Smoking Gun Letters

Index of Letters Distributed by Councilman Gomez at 8/28/07 Special Meeting of the Barstow City Council

As of this post, I am still working on an easy way to post Mayor Dale’s letter to the Department of the Interior attacking the Chemehuevi and their previously established Ancestral Rights. This smoking gun reveals Dale as the real pawn of BarWest, the role he has been playing since this Detroit developer first showed up and started buying influence here in Barstow.

In the meantime, if you would like copies of Dale’s letter or any of the letters that Gomez was distributing to the public that night, you can send me an email with your FAX number and I will be happy to send them to you.

You may wish to view the video on Councilman Gomez chastising Mayor Dale. It is posted on, TVT, and here on my blogs under the post entitled: “Red Faced Mayor Exposed as BarWest Pawn”. To see the entire council meeting including the Mayor’s response it is available on the City’s website, see my post entitled: Barstow Citizen Oversight on the Internet.

Here is the Index of the letters that Councilman Gomez released to the public in chronological order:

-TASIAN letter to Barstow City Council
Dated 8/29/05
RE: Opposition to BarWest Compacts

-Analytical Environmental Services letter to Chairman Wood
Dated 7/29/07
RE: “Barstow Scoping Report”

-Chairman Wood letter to Analytical Environmental Services
Dated 8/8/07
RE: “Barstow Scoping Report for BarWest LLC,
the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians
and the Big Lagoon Rancheria of Smith River Indians”

-Mayor Dale letter to BIA, US Dept of Interior
Dated 8/21/07
RE: “The Chemehuevi Tribe’s Recent Assault on Barstow”

-Barstow City Lobbyist, Nick Medeiros Memo to City of Barstow
Dated 8/22/07
RE: The BarWest Compact appear dead

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