Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome Back and Yes, I’m Back too!

I started this blog back during my campaign for City Council of Barstow in last November’s election. I also started a website, Both of these were meant to serve the needs of my campaign and then continue on as a forum to address political issues that I am somehow involved with.

By my own admission, I am not the most tech savy person on the planet. But I am also far from getting the award for the most technically challenged either. My VCR would still be blinking 12:00 if it were not for my wife. But I have figured out how to post my writing and pics to this blog.

Now being a webmaster is still just out of my range despite some minimal efforts to learn. I think I need to take a class because frankly I am tired of it getting in the way. When you don’t have the know-how, then you have to rely on someone who does and of course, that takes money. For those reasons, the website is not up right now but I do hope to have it back up and running soon.

My best intentions aside, by the time the campaign was over, I was totally involved in numerous projects involving code enforcement, economic development, and political networking, primarily with our state leaders. This is in addition to my regular life.

My wife Michelle and I are together the adoptive parents of eight children. These are all very special children, who by no fault of their own are born addicted to drugs and with a nine month history of substance abuse that includes: heroin, crack cocaine, speed, alcohol, and cigarettes. It was because of these children that we came to move to Barstow in search of more affordable housing. We are now involved with the establishment of The Earth Haven Foundation for Kids, a non profit organization that we are creating to bring attention to children like these and help address their needs. I promise to post a more in depth piece about this in the near future.

So between raising these children (ages 5-10), launching the foundation, my consulting work, my political involvements, and my ever present home/yard improvement projects, my time has been stretched thin.

The other factor in the continuation of my procrastination in getting back to this blog is due to my obsessive nature. Ever since the campaign, I have wanted that the first thing I posted was a,

Big Giant Thank you,

to all of those people that supported my campaign! I was so amazed and overwhelmed at the number and diversity of those people that were drawn to this campaign for a better community.

I am as proud of my Republican support as my Democrat support. My campaign was OUR campaign for change and for accountability in our local government. It is an effort that did not begin or end with my campaign. But the campaign did become a lightning rod for a range of issues that united people from all walks of life. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your support, my voice would not have been able to resonate with those citizens that are hungry for change. I still plan to write an in depth analysis and my experience of the campaign!

I am also committed to working on some post regarding my involvement with code enforcement, economic development, green energy, Indian gaming, and issues involving local politics. All of those items were already on my to-do list, prior to my attendance at the CA Democratic State Convention held in San Diego this last April.

That event was one of the most exciting weekends that a political junkie like me could ever experience. I met many of the Presidential candidates and many of our state and party leaders. I left there with enough material to keep me posting on this blog for months. I plan to do a post on each of these Democratic leaders and will post one of my own pictures with each entry.

The obsessive part of me has been putting off posting any new stuff until I can catch up on posting all of the aforementioned. Finally the progress addicted side of me has taken over. I am going to start with this general info post and follow with whatever is currently in the focus of my attention. When I get time, I will start posting the older stuff in what will be guaranteed to be random in order.

So thank you so much for dropping by. This blog is an avenue for my voice but it is about those issues that unite us in an effort to bring some progressive changes that effect us all. Please drop by as often as you get a chance. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. And by all means, tell me your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. It is not at all important for us to agree on everything. It is critically important that we have the debate. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For all you do to participate in the political process, I am deeply grateful!

Peace and Blessings,


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