Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Top Six Campaign Platforms by Larry Halstead


There are a host of issues that come up in the running of a city. At any given City Council Meeting there is usually a fairly lengthy agenda with a wide range of items on it. I believe I have the skills necessary to deal with those issues in a way that is both responsible and responsive to the will of the people. I am a firm believer in public participation in government which is why I attend the City Council Meetings whenever possible.

In studying the issues that face Barstow today, there are certain challenges that stand out as the driving force of what has convinced me to run for City Council. I have narrowed those down to six issues that will be the primary platform for my campaign. In the near future, I intend to write a more in depth statement on each one of them but for now I want to introduce those platforms in outline form so that Barstow votes can clearly see the choice that they have on November 7. In no particular order, my top six campaign platforms posted below:

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