Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PLATFORM: Government Clean Up


Clean Up

“Let’s Take Back Barstow” is the main theme of this grassroots campaign. For way too long the City Council has been unresponsive to the needs of the people of Barstow. The challenges we face are difficult and complex. Jobs, city growth, law enforcement, street repair, youth programs, education, crime, drugs, gangs, water quality, are just some of the more notable problems that need strong leadership. All too often those needs are ignored or mismanaged by our elected leaders. Corruption, conflict of interest and incompetence have become the status quo at City Hall. Currently there is no vision for the future of our City. I intend to fight for working families and work to improve the quality of life for all residents and not just the special interest. There is a small group of mostly local developers that are largely responsible for keeping the Mayor and his cronies in power. Those developers are needed and deserve to make money in Barstow but they should not be the sole force in the leadership of the City. It is high time that “We The People” unite as in the movie “Network” and join together in a chorus of: “We are sick and tired and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Together we can do this! Together we can “take back Barstow.” The Mayor and his cronies have a total disconnect with the vast majority of people who live and work in Barstow.

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