Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TEN Ways YOU Can Help!

Please Help Take Back Barstow!

I need your help to take back Barstow. There is so much that needs to be done here in Barstow. I intend to fight hard for all Barstow residents. Issues relating to economic development, crime, youth activities, clean water, and putting an end to government corruption and the grip of special interest over our City, are all top priorities on my agenda. But first, I need your help to get elected. Together, we can make a difference! Will you please help me take back Barstow?

Here is a list of Ten Things YOU can do to help with this campaign:

  1. Contribute – Flyers, signs, mailing, and advertising are all important elements in winning this election but they do cost money. $20 to $2000, what ever you can do to help will really make a difference and secure a victory on November 7.

Please send checks payable to:

Committee to Elect Larry Halstead
P.O. Box 2073
Barstows, CA 92312-2073

  1. Endorsements – Your endorsement, your club, or civic organization will help let others know that this is a campaign worth supporting.
  1. Signs – Help display and/or distribute campaign signs at your home and office. Let people know about the candidate for change that you are supporting.
  1. Phone Calls - We will be phoning voters in an effort to get out the vote. Would you be willing to make calls to your friends and people in your precinct? You may work from home or your office with as little or as much time as you can offer.
  1. Walk Precincts - We need to get people involved and voting in this election. We need people to walk their neighborhoods to contact voters and distribute campaign materials. We also would like help recruiting volunteers.
  1. House Party - Would you like to invite your friends to a "house party" to talk about Larry's Campaign and raise money on his behalf? This could be a coffee klatch, a bbq, a pizza feed, or any other kind of get together. These events are key to allowing your family and friends a chance to meet the candidate, ask questions, and offer input for the changes they want to see in Barstow.
  1. Administrative - Would you like to help out with data entry, mailings, and other administrative functions? All kinds of help is need for a successful campaign. Any amount of time and effort will be greatly appreciated.
  1. Voter Registration - Would you like to help organize or work at public voter registration efforts? A few hours in front of Stater Bros, WalMart, or door to door is real helpful. New registered voters can be a critical element in any campaign.
  1. Speaking Engagements – Larry is available to come and speak to any size group, club, and organization. This is the best way for any group to discover the ideas that are part of the plan to take back Barstow.
  1. Your idea(s) - Please tell us in your own words about ways you would be interested in helping. You may very well have an idea that could make all the difference. Your input and suggestions are greatly needed and appreciated.


Mary said...


Your Webpage is stimulating! I hope you get tons of replies. I, for one, will help you in the following areas:
Administrative help with mailings, flyers, etc…
Phone calls
House Party

Just call!


Bill said...


Check is in the mail. Your fight is the people of Barstow's fight. When you win Barstow wins. Then We the People win.