Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PLATFORM: Energy Independence


Solar Power

I am working with the leaders in the solar industry to develop a plan for the solarization of Barstow. There are several factors that make Barstow an ideal location for being the first energy independent city beyond just the political climate being ripe. The city has as high a number of sunny days as anywhere in the country. With a population of 22,000 Barstow is an ideal size to make the city small enough to be feasible and large enough to be significant. But one of the best features of a project here is that Barstow just recently received the decade long fought for and much coveted designation of Enterprise Zone. This would enable us to attract the solar industry to locate manufacturing facilities here which could give them incredible tax advantages which in turn could help make solar power more affordable. Currently there are both federal and state rebates available for the installation of solar panels. Technological breakthroughs are making manufacturing cost come down. As the government continues to promote the use of solar energy it is predicted that we will start making a transition to renewable resources. Barstow has the advantage of both an abundance of sun and wind. When combined with the Enterprise Zone and a factor of vision, Barstow can and should lead the nation as a model for energy independence.

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